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leisure center heating

Investing in district energy as part of a wider leisure centre refurbishment, or simply to update an existing, tired heating system leads to a significant impact in energy savings. Due to the constant demand for heat required by swimming pools, gyms and studios, heating costs can often run high. That’s why instead of individual gas boilers to supply heat and water to each building, District Heating uses a centralised heating system with a network of insulated pipes, providing centralised costs, a reduction in breakdown calls and lower carbon emissions.

Why choose us?

At Bartlett and Morrison, we understand ensuring buildings meet the latest regulations and efficiency standards is an ongoing process for businesses and local authorities. Our experienced engineers will design a made-to-measure energy package for your project, working closely with you to achieve the highest standard possible in your given environment. All this at no upfront cost, and with no requirement to commit to the work. That’s because we are certain the service we offer is insurmountable in level of workmanship, cost-efficiency and environmental innovation.